Aptus Health shortlisted for the eyeforpharma Most Valuable HCP Initiative award

Two Aptus Health projects have been shortlisted for the eyeforpharma awards in the “Most Valuable HCP Initiative” category across two geographic markets by a judging panel of pharma industry experts, patients and customers.

The finalists of this award are innovative projects designed to deliver tangible working and healthcare improvements both in the long and short term. Demonstrating understanding of real health requirements prior to implementation, these winning projects have been managed to an outstanding level and have made an exceptionally positive impact on their intended customer.

In the North American market, our “Making Moments Matter - Enabling a critical connection between patients and their doctors” project was selected as a finalist. This multi-audience engagement initiative uses sophisticated targeting methodologies to focus on relevant geodomes across the United States—bringing together doctors and patients in conversation about a branded medication that could potentially support the patients’ treatment and showing a measurable impact on NRx lift.

Finalists will present their projects to a panel of expert judges at the Awards Pitch Day – North America on April 15 in Philadelphia. Winners will be announced on April 16-17 at the eyeforpharma Philadelphia Summit, in front of 800+ industry leaders, patients and other stakeholders.

In the European market, our “Interactive Guidelines Asset: GINA” project was selected as a finalist. In this collaboration with Aptus Health, Boehringer Ingelheim created a way to provide HCPs with a concise summary of the latest Global Institute for Asthma (GINA) recommendations, as well as local treatment guidelines, in an interactive way that is informative and respectful of their busy schedules. The collaboration is striving to empower evidence-based decisions and support HCPs in the daily management of asthma patients.

Finalists will present their projects to a panel of expert judges at the Awards Pitch Day – Europe on March 11 in Barcelona. Winners will be announced on March 12-14 at the eyeforpharma Barcelona conference, in front of 1300+ industry leaders, patients and other stakeholders.

About eyeforpharma awards

The eyeforpharma awards celebrate positive progress towards value for patients and customers and recognizes those in the pharmaceutical industry that are driving pharma forwards. We celebrate those who aren’t just chasing higher short-term profits, but who are investing in better customer innovation, value and outcomes leading to longer-term success.

This is part of eyeforpharma’s mission to make the pharmaceutical industry more open and valued, which means these awards are a literal translation of why we exist. It is our responsibility to shine a light on where pharma does well, to inspire others into similar or better action. Learn more at www.eyeforpharma.com/awards

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